Asteroids Premium Pin :: ARCADE VISIONS Series

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Asteroids Premium Pin :: ARCADE VISIONS Series

Our Asteroids Premium Pin features a single lonely space rock …in space! Beautiful, isn’t it? Your spacecraft floats above, ready to pulverize that dang lonely space rock!

Engage thrusters! Dodge disasters! Annihilate astro-obstructions! Fondly recall how difficult this already was, even before that @#%& flying saucer showed up to try and ruin everything! Blasteroid those Asteroids! PEW PEW!!

Laser cut from real wood! Stained space black and finished with a semi-gloss clear lacquer for ultimate atmospheric protection.

If you’re feeling nostalgic and Earth-friendly, don’t throw the backer card away! Instead, you can display it like a miniature arcade cabinet! You’re welcome 😉